Admission Management

Admission Management

An effective feature of mySkoolApp™, which makes the admission process easy, faster and paperless using online admission form. It helps to have a clear visibility on students's details for future.

Admission Management

  • Upload  Students's Docs
  • Manage Students's Docs
  • Manage Students's Details
  • Manage Parents/Guardian
  • Manage Key Contacts
  • Import Students's Data

Single Entry Admission

  • Now stop using the paper forms, manage online admission. 
  • Faster, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Option to record the required documents and other details.

Import Students Data

  • If admission is done on papers and students record exist on excel.
  • Upload the student data class and section wise in a single click.

Upload  Student Docs

  • Scan and upload e-copies of required documents.
  • e.g. birth certificate, old school certificates, etc.
  • Easy to search and view, whenever needed.

Manage Student Docs

  • Easy search to find the student documents.
  • Option to View, Edit and Delete the document or document Title.

Manage Students's Details

  • Option to search by student or whole class.
  • View, Edit, Activate or Deactivate student account and information.
  • Manage Student ID, Picture, Key contacts, etc.

Manage Parents/Guardian

  • Option to add mother and father or guardian details.
  • Upload parents/guardian pictures.
  • Add/Edit Key contact numbers

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