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While data privacy is vital to consumers. Take off your worries, your data is safe with us. We understand the importance of data security in the www world, therefor we fully respect each & every institute's data privacy and security. mySkoolApp cloud is protected with high quality SSL. With SSL securities data is stored and communicated in encrypted format. SSL secures millions of people's data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information.


Data Protection


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Data Recovery



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All data stored in mySkoolApp is encrypted with 256-bit AES, SSL securities. Time to time new enhancements will be added/ update to strengthen the data security even further. Clients information is tottaly secure & safe.


Access to mySkoolApp instance is secured by unique ID & password for each user type on web as well as on mobile app. Individuals like director, admin, teacher, parent or student can only access account(s) related to them.


Data stored in mySkoolApp cloud with multiple redundancy and disaster recovery processes to ensure clients data is always accessible. Our team is putting regular efforts to take data  back ups for efficient & quick data recovery.


mySkoolApp supports integration with different types of third party software and hardware solutions like application, RFIDs etc. In every integration we ensure the data privacy and security with 3rd party vendors.


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